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More than ever, harnessing a trustworthy and accurate version of data is never been so vital for gaining competitive advantage in your industry. The challenge is to ethically extract and drive the right data at the right place at the right time and format across multiple geo-locations. Bizzsolutions experience can help.

Our experts assist you to capture and cleanse data, digitization and data processing. automatic data processing, electronic data processing and information processing across 150+ countries simultaneously. With accurate analytics details, we help you to make informed and data-driven decision to upscale your business quickly.

  • Insurance claim processing
  • Utility price comparisons
  • Survey processing service
  • Patient records
  • Mediclaim service
  • Analytics

With constantly growing competitions, organisations can’t sustain without accurate physical and digital data. Ever delay and every error adds up to the cost. In order to reduce your cost and the turnaround time, BizzSolutions channelizes the data entry strategies and provides ready-to-use data to scale up your performance. Our data entry services include:

With predictive analytics, streamlined feedback addressal system, friendly customer service, and productive loyalty programs, we help you retain around 70-80% of your customers. Our services include:

  • Online data entry
  • Form data entry
  • Data extraction
  • Data analysis
  • Converting complex databases to easy-to-handle databases
  • Tabulation and customized list making
  • Abstracting and indexing
  • Converting data into a uniform digital format
  • E-mail mining
  • Extensive internet research
  • Document archiving

Consuming crucial volume of data in the format that seamlessly integrates with existing systems is the need of the hour for organisations. Bizzsolutons’ information analysis experts help you to convert your physical or data in any format that derives vital information without any hassles. With the assurance of 100% accuracy and privacy, we provide you the right format of data to accelerate your productivity. Our services include:

  • HTML, SGML, XML conversions
  • e-books conversion (any format)
  • pdf to word/e-book format
  • Convert any soft files to XML
  • XML to pdf
  • Customized MIS
  • DTP files conversion
  • pdf/word to XML
  • Image to text conversion
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